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Axiom Announces "Axiom Castle" Program to Help Employees Fight High Costs of Housing

Feb 22, 2007

Axiom Castle Program LogoFalls Church, Virginia.  Axiom Resource Management, Inc., announced a new initiative today to help employees fight the high costs of housing.  This extremely innovative program is called “Axiom Castle” and is considered to be the first of its kind in the consulting industry.

Axiom leadership designed the program to help employees who are trying to buy homes or rent apartments in high-cost urban areas such as the Washington metro area.  90 percent of Axiom employees live and work in metropolitan Washington, with the balance of Axiom professionals working in high-cost areas such as Denver, San Diego, and San Antonio.

The program provides a one-time, $1000 check for Axiom employees buying homes, and a one-time $500 check for Axiom professionals who are entering rental properties.  “Axiom Castle” takes effect on March 1, 2007.  Investment properties are excluded.

“We are in a competition to recruit the most talented professionals in a very tight job market,” said A. Douglas Peardon, Axiom partner.  “We want job-hunters to know that we understand the challenge of high-cost housing, and we want our current staff of consultants to know we’re looking for ways to improve their quality of life too.”

“Current and prospective employees give us plenty of feedback about housing costs,” said Jennifer Haines of the Axiom human resources staff.  “We think this will give us an edge in recruiting and retention, which will help us provide the best support for our clients.”

Axiom partner Kevin Riley noted that “Axiom Castle” does not provide enough funds to buy or rent a home.  “We all know how expenses add up when you’re moving,” he said.  “Maybe this helps one of our people with their first month’s rent, or painting a room for a new baby, or initial hook-ups for phone or other utilities,” he said.  “We simply believe ‘Axiom Castle’ is the right thing for Axiom people.”

Axiom is a professional consulting firm providing program management, operational support, accessibility, management training, and IT solutions. The firm delivers studies and analysis, marketing, distance learning, and Web support.  Clients include the Departments of State, Labor, and Education, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the TRICARE Management Activity. Axiom has more than 500 professionals and revenues exceeding $66 million.

For more information contact Frank Cumberland, Vice President for Communications, Marketing & Business Development, 703.998.0327 ext 222.

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