Axiom Resource Management, Inc., established in 1993, provides a full range of professional consulting services to business clients and more than 20 state and federal government agencies. Our roots are in healthcare program management—TRICARE, the health program for America's armed forces and their families—has relied upon Axiom to provide dynamic, responsive solutions to meet its needs since its inception. Axiom augmented our program management expertise in 2000 by acquiring Conwal, an award-winning firm with a long history of successful partnering with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, among other clients.

Axiom has pursued a two-track strategy for growth. With every new contract we build upon the foundation of our core practice areas, while a program of highly selective, complementary mergers has expanded the range of services we can provide our clients. In 2001, our family of enterprises expanded with the acquisition of Didactics, an organization specializing in advanced educational, training, and human capital development services. That year Axiom also established our Keymind division, an Internet development, marketing, and communications firm teeming with creative talent. In 2004 we formally acquired our CESSI division, strengthening our expertise in marketing, public relations, and accessibility services. In 2008 Axiom was joined by the Catalyst Management Group, experts in strategic, operational, and financial management for Federal and private-sector clients.

Commitment to quality and prudent management have been essential to the steep arc of Axiom's growth. But we sustain this growth simply because day in and day out, the hard working staff of the Axiom team are on the scene helping get the job done.